Work Hard Play Hard
"Enemies are one thing. But a war within yourself causes more damage then an army of 1000 ever could. Fight the darkness"

Names Owen Milligan, ladies remember that because one day you will be screaming it. Hockey, Football, are my game. 22, 97. Got a younger brother, don't fuck with him or ill have to break your face. Capiche? You think you know all bout me? Fuck that, you don't know the first time bout me.

Disclaimer; I am not Daniel Kelly nor do i think i am, but i am Owen Milligan. This blog is for rping purposes.
Great Ideas || ToriSantamaria-xoxo

The previous night, Owen and Tori had talked and apparently got together, but he wasn’t sure if it was true. If they were dating or not, but he wouldn’t tell himself it was true or false yet. Pushing himself off of his bed and running a hand through his hair, he walked over to his dresser, switching out of his sweats and tank top and switched into a pair of jeans and a v-neck. Owen ran some gel through his hair, messing it up slightly. 

After Owen was all dressed, he walked down into the living room and turned on the TV. Flipping through channels, before he settled on one. Owen had no idea what Tristan knew and didn’t know at this point. He knew that Tori liked him, but did Tori spill anything else within the last 24 hours? Part of him hoped she didn’t, he didn’t want Tristan to know, but he didn’t want to hide it either.